• The road to driving, part 1

    [this post and the following parts are a reprint of the "Getting an Italian car registered in France" (aka "The glory of paperwork, part 78") post. Stoopid me didn't realize the way blogs work... Note that the date of the first entry is uncertain.]

  • The intricacies of the Norwegian tax system

    Or: Clueless bureaucrats attempting rip-off

  • The dangers of uninformed secretaries

    In the letter saying I had to get a "justificatifs concernant le niveau sonore" (see The glory of paperwork, part 78), the text "Brigade de police de LYON" was scribbled on the side. I showed the paper to a French person who has been very helpful in formal matters, and was given the advice to try calling the Annecy police, since they are closer. A quick call confirmed this, and I got an appointment for Saturday 16:00 (sic!).