Called the Lyon police in the end of November and got an appointment. Unfortunately, the clutch gave in just a few days before the meeting, so I had to postpone it until after Christmas. January 6 I called again, and got a meeting the next day.

Everything was nicely planned. Or so I thought, until I got to the point in the ViaMichelin driving plan where it suddenly vanished into nothing. I had not reached my destination, but the driving plan was finished. So I expected that I was close to the end of the ride, and found it sensible to ask for directions. I asked four different persons for the direction to the street I was going to, and all of them gave me nice, short descriptions. None of which were right. After realizing I could be doing that for the rest of the day without getting anywhere, I went to a Peugeot retailer to get some sensible information. They told me the place was at about the opposite end of the city...

After finding a map and making my own way to the street where the meeting was to take place, I couldn't see any police buildings. The people in the street knew nothing of any garage or police station on that road, but I was told where the closest police station was. So I went there and asked them. Same result. They were very helpful though, and called the police station I had arranged the meeting with. They explained that yes, the meeting was to take place at the end of the street I had just been to. Also, there was supposed to be a vehicle there with "BCT" on the side in big letters. I thought this probably meant something like "bâtiment de control technique" (building for technical controls). So I went back and looked, at both ends of the road. No building, and no car except for the ones parked by the way and at the sideways.

Back to the police again, who called again and arranged for the police to come and meet me by the police station. So I went out, and sure enough, there were the police. But they were angry with me for keeping them waiting! What the hell? Then they jumped into a car and told me to follow them. They went to the end of the street and turned right, driving about 150 meters up the byway. That's where they had been waiting all the time! No building, no "BCT", just a white van with red letters on the side, 150 meters south-west from the junction of Allée Pierre de Coubertin and Rue Jean Bouin.

The sound test was finished in five minutes, and they wrote the document in about two. For this I took a day off of work, drove 7+ hours, and spent half a tank of gasoline. Way to go.