Something like two weeks ago I got a message from DRIRE that they were still missing the "notice descriptive du type". I had already submitted the requested information to SAAB France, so naturally I emailed them to know what was up. They said they remember the query to get the forms, but claimed that they had never been returned. So they faxed me a new copy. This, of course, took some time filling in, especially since none of the technical terms in the forms were explained (e.g. "CH"). A few days after mailing them (they didn't want the results by fax), I got a message back saying that the form was incomplete. As far as I could read with my bad French, they wanted the following:

  • The exact date for the "1erè mise en circulation", which I expect is the first time the car was used
  • A copy of the Italian "carte grise", which I believe is now at DRIRE
  • The value for the one field of the form I had not filled in, "CH"

Today I called SAAB to tell them to get the necessary information from DRIRE. They told me that they had been able to dig up the information I sent them in August last year, and that I could just sit back and wait for the paper to arrive. WTF?!