• KittenAuth follow-up

    KittenAuth is a really good subject for brainstorming about how to get a secure, usable, and accessible system for keeping bots out of public forums. I'll describe some of my ideas and the stuff people presented in the KittenAuth comments (I can't find the page any more), and then look for security, usability, and accessibility flaws in the different approaches.

  • Job trends in web development

    The job search service Indeed has an interesting "trends" search engine (Update: sorry, the link is dead): It visualizes the amount of job postings matching your keywords the last year. Let's see if there is some interesting information for modern web technologies there...

  • Re: KittenAuth Test

    The KittenAuth Test (Update: sorry, the link is dead), a very cute and brilliant Turing test which could possibly replace CAPTCHA, deserves attention for two reasons: It is much more user friendly than CAPTCHAs, and it can easily be extended with a textual variant, for anyone using a non-graphical browser.

  • Re: Profiting From Your Passions

    The "Lazy Way" blog recently outlined the idea of combining your passions to build yourself projects which you will enjoy working on. Several of the comments are disputing this idea, so I'd like to put in my 2 cents.

  • Re: The Future of Tagging

    Vik Singh has an interesting blog post on the future of tagging. IMO not so much because of the idea, since it looks quite familiar to the directory structure we're all familiar with, adding the possibility for objects to be inside several directories at the same time. But it got me thinking on what tagging lacks, which is an easy to use relation to more structured data about what the tag means.

  • More practical HTTP Accept headers

    Isn't it time for user agents to start reporting more fine grained which standards they support? The HTTP Accept header doesn't provide enough information to know whether a document will be understood at all, and can lead to quite a few hacks, specially on sites using cutting edge technology, such as SVG or AJAX.

  • Re: Bug #1 in Ubuntu

    Ubuntu Linux has become very popular in the open source community in only two years, last confirmed by the 2005 Members Choice Awards. But being number one in a community of computer literates, nerds, and geeks is not enough to gain a significant market share, as shown by their #1 bug, entitled "Microsoft has a majority market share".

  • Yet Another JavaScript Focusing Script

    Check the example page (Update: Unfortunately this site is long gone. Sorry for the inconvenience!) or script if you want to get right to the action. Update: Unfortunately this site is no longer publicly available. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • CAST display bug

    CAST SQL Builder for Oracle is normally a very reliable and user friendly application, but the current version (5.0 build 1007) has an annoying bug which is messing up the display (see the attached image). In short, it will mess up the position and size of the toolbars and the Object Manager, Output, and Tools windows. Restarting the application does not help.

  • iPod display bug in software version 1.1

    The newest software update for the iPod video has broken part of the playback functionality.