tl;dr Drag →→→ YouTube channel feed ←←← to your bookmarks to get to the web feed of the current channel.

Did you know YouTube has Atom web feeds for channels? That means you can follow your favourite content creators individually in your favourite feed reader, rather than relying on the jumbled-up subscriptions page. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t mention this feed in the relevant pages, hence this bookmarklet. Just go to a user, channel, or video page, and click the bookmarklet to go to the web feed.

Technical stuff

If you’re interested in how this works, here’s the code:

(function () {
  if (
    (channelId =
      window?.ytInitialPlayerResponse?.videoDetails?.channelId ??
  ) {
    console.debug("Going to feed URL");
    location.href =
      "" + channelId;
  } else {
    console.warn("Could not find a channel ID feed at " + location.href);