Canonical has started a fundraiser to develop an Ubuntu/Android phone. There's a 600 USD early bird tier for one day to get the phone itself, and afterwards it's a massive 830 USD.

As someone who was extatic at the Ubuntu progress in 2007 through 2009, but foaming at the mouth at their massive "not invented here" syndrome ever since, I don't think I'll be pledging anything for this. For example, the dual boot feature. They say they already have the Ubuntu desktop integration working on Android, so you'll be able to use it immediately. Great, let's do that. "Then shortly after launch we’ll push out a free software update that adds this desktop integration to Ubuntu mobile as well." So we'll have a functioning Android phone with Ubuntu desktop integration from the get go, and then we'll have to start using Ubuntu natively instead of Android later? You want users to learn to use two GUIs which do the same thing to use one phone? (Actually three, unless the Ubuntu desktop works exactly like native Ubuntu, and assuming anyone who buys this is already familiar with Ubuntu.) Now that's usability fail. How about either Android or Ubuntu? Sounds more like someone thinks Ubuntu isn't quite ready for handhelds yet, and they want the users to beta test before reinventing the wheel once again.