For those only interested in the result, please skip to the last table.

So, the time for winter tires has finally come. As a clueless car newbie, I asked someone with very long experience at Northern Norwegian roads, and was adviced to take a look at Michelin. With this and the current tire dimensions (205/55R15) I had a look at a few of the shops in Saint Genis. The results were as follows (all prices should be including VAT, mounting on wheel, and calibration):

Shop Where W/wheel W/O wheel
Citroën St. Genis N/A €152.98
Point S St. Genis €206.72 €156.82

During this walk, I had a look in VIMA as well. There I was told that the winter tires did not necessarily have the same dimension as the summer tires. So I went home and checked the all-knowing World Wide Web. One of the first things I came up with was a reference in a newsgroup posting to the website of The Tire Rack. This site seemed to be teeming with information, and I could readily find what sizes other drivers were using for their SAAB 9000s. According to my search criteria, the original configuration seemed to be 205/60/15, so I used this for searching further. It seemed that Michelin Pilot Alpin PA2 (Update: sorry, the link is dead) was very popular amongst previous owners, so I went with that. Now was the time to check on the shops again. I called the ones I had been to previously (except VIMA), and found a nice list of Geneva (Genevose? Genevan?) tire retailers. The results were as follows (same conditions as the previous table; exchange rate €1 = CHF1.55):

Shop Where W/wheel W/O wheel
Citroën St. Genis N/A €140.38
Point S St. Genis No answer
Garage Pelletier St. Genis €246.00 €198.00
Speedy Auto Service Carouge €209.68 €143.55
Euromaster Balexert €178.06 €110.32
Adam Touring Geneva €187.10 €135.48
Touspneus Geneva €176,77 €127,74

It should be noted that this is naturally a small subset of the available tire vendors in the Geneva / Saint Genis area, that the exchange rate of swiss francs may be off a bit, that none of the prices have been "verified" in any way, and that this only regards two very specific tires. However, it should be clear to anyone that you may save quite a lot by checking with several retailers.