• Introduction to PL/SQL posts

    At the CERN TS/CSE/QMS and EDS sections we use CAST SQL Builder (Update: sorry, the link is dead) and Benthic Golden / PLEdit for PL/SQL development on our Oracle 9i database, to provide engineers and managers with the necessary tools for follow-up of the planning, construction, installation, maintenance, and, ultimately, deconstruction of the LHC particle accelerator.

  • Re: Comments on illogical interface 2005-09-25

    These are my answers to two comments regarding the illogical interface:

  • Why open source is unpopular in business

    At work, I have noticed what seems like an inherent resistance against FOSS. I'll try to summarize what I believe are the main reasons for this.

  • Do blogs matter?

    2002: -What's a "blogg"?


    WYSIwhat? What You See Is What We Thought You'd Like, which was coined by a colleague of mine today. It's just such a brilliant way of summarizing one of the biggest usability problems of web sites and applications: Layout and functionality is static.

  • Wisdom teeth removal, last part (I swear)

    The pain blog is finished. About time, too! Just to sum up:

  • Wisdom teeth removal, part 3

    Day six, and still not done? That's right. I've been taking pain-killers three times per day, and I'll probably continue to do so for the rest of the week. Problem is, I've almost run out. We'll see.

  • Wisdom teeth removal, part 2

    Day two...

  • Wisdom teeth removal, part 1

    It's done. I didn't record exactly how much time it took, but I'll recall the details of the operation. Some of the parts can be a bit scary if you're having the same operation yourself soon, but I assure you that your imagination is conjuring up a much worse picture than it actually is.

  • Wisdom teeth removal, part 0

    Tomorrow I'm going to remove at least two, hopefully all four, of my wisdom teeth. My lower left jaw hurts just spelling that out...