• Wisdom teeth removal, part 1

    It's done. I didn't record exactly how much time it took, but I'll recall the details of the operation. Some of the parts can be a bit scary if you're having the same operation yourself soon, but I assure you that your imagination is conjuring up a much worse picture than it actually is.

  • Wisdom teeth removal, part 0

    Tomorrow I'm going to remove at least two, hopefully all four, of my wisdom teeth. My lower left jaw hurts just spelling that out...

  • The road to driving, part 8

    Today I visited the DRIRE Centre de Controle de Vehicules (car control centre) in Viriat to have the (hopefully) last check of my car. I left home at about 8:15, got there two minutes late to the appointment 10:30, and got back to work just in time to lunch 13:00.

  • The road to driving, part 7

    So, the papers from SAAB France have been forwarded to DRIRE, and I have received the answer: Essentially, even though nobody has found any faults on the car, I cannot have the carte grise just yet. The next step is driving 2.5 hours (according to ViaMichelin) to show them the car. Stay tuned...

  • power tag filtering

    In an attempt to ease the filtering of bookmarks, I have created a more flexible interface than the current "+" operator in use at the main site. Update: Unfortunately this site is long gone. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Constantine - The real story

    Constantine, the newest in a series of graphic novels going to the cinema, is the longest anti-smoking advertisement I've ever seen. There you go. It's probably the first movie ever to have the surgeon general as the main sponsor, as they constantly fire away cheap shots at how bad and just plain stupid smoking is. Even the horrible, horrible last scene is devoted to the evils of smoking.

  • The road to driving, part 6

    Something like two weeks ago I got a message from DRIRE that they were still missing the "notice descriptive du type". I had already submitted the requested information to SAAB France, so naturally I emailed them to know what was up. They said they remember the query to get the forms, but claimed that they had never been returned. So they faxed me a new copy. This, of course, took some time filling in, especially since none of the technical terms in the forms were explained (e.g. "CH"). A few days after mailing them (they didn't want the results by fax), I got a message back saying that the form was incomplete. As far as I could read with my bad French, they wanted the following:

  • The Key to Hell

    The Key to Hell
  • Jewellery with stone

    Jewellery with stone
  • Dart