• Moving from France to Switzerland

    There's quite a bit of paperwork involved when moving from France to Switzerland. This is a rough account of what happened after the housing agent called to say we had been selected to get an apartment. It might be useful to anyone considering, or in the process of, moving to Switzerland from abroad. However, it's by no means a complete account, and you should always check with authorities or others who have done the same if in doubt.

  • Back on track!

    Finally, after 7 months downtime the blog is up and running again. I guess five nines is out for the next millennium or so. is no more, but (Update: Unfortunately this site is long gone. Sorry for the inconvenience!) should soon provide the only really useful thing from the old website: bookmark filtering.

  • Subversion server using HTTPS on Ubuntu Hardy setup

    Yay, it's up and running! And here are the steps to do it, mostly copied directly from the shell as I ran them. In any case, it may or may not work for you, so make sure you check with the proper documentation if anything fails.

  • DOM-Scripted Lists, Revisited & resurrected

    The excellent original "DOM-Scripted Lists, Revisited" article seems to have disappeared, but I found the latest revision on the Wayback Machine. A great addition to your JavaScript toolbox.

  • WordPress update script

    This is a script to update a WordPress blog with the latest stable version from Subversion.

  • Re: Let That Be a Lesson To You, Son: Never Upgrade.

    Background: Jeff Atwood uses anecdotal evidence to show that Linux audio capabilities suck.

  • Subversion checkout script

    Here's a simple script to check out all subversion repositories on a remote host. It requires that you have SSH access on the host, to be able to fetch the repository names (otherwise you can hardcode them in $repositories). You'll also need to have Perl installed.

  • Subversion backup script

    Following up on the good work of Jean-Francois Roy, here's my slightly extended version of his script (Update: sorry, the link is dead) to backup all Subversion repositories to a remote host.

  • Recursive symbolic link creation script

    This might be useful if you keep your settings (.bashrc, .subversion/config, etc.) outside the home directory, like in a Subversion repository. Just copy the following script to the repository directory corresponding to $HOME and run
    to create symlinks from ~ to each file in the repository, recursively.

  • HOWTO: Synchronizing vCard address books with Nokia 6300 via Bluetooth on Ubuntu Linux

    Edit: After learning a bit of sed magic, this is now a single script.