• Recursive symbolic link creation script

    This might be useful if you keep your settings (.bashrc, .subversion/config, etc.) outside the home directory, like in a Subversion repository. Just copy the following script to the repository directory corresponding to $HOME and run
    to create symlinks from ~ to each file in the repository, recursively.

  • HOWTO: Synchronizing vCard address books with Nokia 6300 via Bluetooth on Ubuntu Linux

    Edit: After learning a bit of sed magic, this is now a single script.

  • ISO mount script for Nautilus & shell

    Final update: This stuff has moved to GitHub - There's better code and information there.

  • Reader's diggest: 2001, 2010, 2061 and 3001 by Arthur C. Clarke

    2001: Aliens have left a monolith to monitor and help mankind's evolution towards intelligence.

  • How to serve vCards with the right encoding

    It seems that some programs which recognize vCards only support the ISO-8859-1 character set. So if you're serving vCards on your web site, you might want to check if the encoding is correct. Try inserting a non-ASCII character like "å" in a note or address, and see if it comes out as a strange character when loading it from the web site.

  • Convert XHTML to HTML with XSLT

    After fiddling a bit with the "copy-no-ns" XSLT template, I've ended up with a style sheet which converts XHTML to HTML 4.01 (Update: Unfortunately this site is long gone. Sorry for the inconvenience!), so you can use it as a post-processing step when serving to Internet Explorer. Note that this has not been tested with alternative namespaces such as SVG or MathML.

  • bloat

    If you're a user, I'm pretty sure you've noticed the slow page loads compared to ... Well, just about any other site out there. I've sent some feedback (below), and I'm hoping you'll help out as well by suggesting general and specific improvements.

  • Properly formatting <del> and <ins>

    Here are some alternative ways to format <del> and <ins>, with explanations. I'd love to hear your own improvements.

  • Throw the fucking switch, Igor!

    What would you like to have said, if it were you behind the "big green button" when the LHC starts in 2008? It's the world's most powerful particle accelerator, said to be the most complex machine ever built, and will most likely set the stage for the next level of theoretical physics, so it had better be in the "One small step" category.

  • L’esprit de l’aéroport

    Ever wanted to register your protest against the baggage check insanities at the airport? You know, the one where blunt, sharp, wet and flammable things are taken away from every passenger, for ridiculous reasons*? Unless you're a high-ranking U.S. politician, there's not much you can do to influence directly, and using other transport is out of the question for most people.