• LHC beam again

    From the LHC operations web site, pages "LHC1" and "LHC3", taken as soon as the beam completed a round in the accelerator. See also the log book (Update: sorry, the link is dead) and the CMS e-commentary (Update: sorry, the link is dead).LHC beam 1st round

  • N-way Git synchronization with extra cheese

  • CERN logo in SVG

    Just putting out my attempt to create a minimal SVG image for the CERN logo:

  • Unit testing Python + MySQLdb warnings

    There seems to be several methods out there, based on elevating warnings to errors using warnings.simplefilter (Update: sorry, the link is dead). Here's another method, based on recording warnings in a variable (Update: sorry, the link is dead), and checking that the last one is a MySQLdb.Warning. Hopefully to be integrated in INSPIRE.

  • Graphviz dot mode for Emacs patch

    This just modifies the code to support paths with spaces when compiling the dot files.

  • Add namespace prefix to XML tags in Vim

    It's not perfect, but it works with tags that contain just a-z and dashes (the \([a-z-]*\) part):

  • Moving from France to Switzerland

    There's quite a bit of paperwork involved when moving from France to Switzerland. This is a rough account of what happened after the housing agent called to say we had been selected to get an apartment. It might be useful to anyone considering, or in the process of, moving to Switzerland from abroad. However, it's by no means a complete account, and you should always check with authorities or others who have done the same if in doubt.

  • Back on track!

    Finally, after 7 months downtime the blog is up and running again. I guess five nines is out for the next millennium or so. is no more, but (Update: Unfortunately this site is long gone. Sorry for the inconvenience!) should soon provide the only really useful thing from the old website: bookmark filtering.

  • Subversion server using HTTPS on Ubuntu Hardy setup

    Yay, it's up and running! And here are the steps to do it, mostly copied directly from the shell as I ran them. In any case, it may or may not work for you, so make sure you check with the proper documentation if anything fails.

  • DOM-Scripted Lists, Revisited & resurrected

    The excellent original "DOM-Scripted Lists, Revisited" article seems to have disappeared, but I found the latest revision on the Wayback Machine. A great addition to your JavaScript toolbox.