Dear Mitre10

I have bought many useful tools in your shop, and got very good service every time. But today I got a nasty surprise. I bought a Fuller Revolving Punch 200mm in order to punch some holes in some nylon fabric. Maybe the cutting tubes are made of "strong carbon steel" as you advertise, but the rest of the tool seems to be made of wet paper. I was able to bend it out of shape, squeezing the handles together until the metal bulged at the joint. On the very first go. With one hand. And I'm a software developer, not a body builder. The tool was unusable after literally 10 seconds.

Anyway, I was very annoyed at the quality, and wanted to post a review. And this was where I got really very annoyed, for two reasons:

  • Your review form displays a warning to "disable any ad blockers, which can prevent successful review submission." No, that's not how computers work. And if for some bizarre reason you're submitting reviews through one of your ad providers you probably want to review your review code. And as warned, yes, indeed, I was not able to submit my one star review.
  • Your web site does not display product details, including reviews and their submission button, when viewing in Tor Browser. Not even after logging in and disabling all JavaScript blocking.