Enter a date/time string below to get the human-readable local time instantly.

Update: The web page, code and tests now live in a work repository.

in language code and time zone :


  • Localised - the output is in the main language of your browser. Defaults to US English if no language is configured.
  • Time zone conversion to match your local configuration. Defaults to UTC if no language is configured, or if Firefox’s protection against fingerprinting is enabled:

    Your timezone is reported to be UTC

  • Updates whenever you change the input field.
  • Clears the input field when you click it, for faster pasting.
  • Forces 24-hour clock.

Technical stuff

Implemented for a colleague when I realised there doesn’t seem to be anything like this online, and date --date=INPUT +'%A, %-d %B %+4Y at %-I:%M:%S %P %Z' wasn’t an option.

If you’re interested in how this works, the code and tests are both available.

Basically, the input must be a valid Date constructor argument, and will be converted to the locale and time zone of your browser.