The reputation of the U.S. has been taking a beating for decades now, and even more so since a lying adulterer gave up his office to a lying warmonger. Let's see if a few search engines can give us an idea of what people think...

Google gives 254 million results for good and 40.9 million results for evil, that is 86% good.

All right, but that just counts the number of pages. How about, pages that people actually read? 2294 results for good (Update: sorry, the link is dead) and 515 results for evil (Update: sorry, the link is dead), that is 82% good.

Interesting stuff. But in all fairness, Reddit deals a whole lot more with news, and should give a better zeitgeist than all the bookmarks thrown together. Counting only stories of the last month with a score over 1 (that is, at least two persons must have voted for the story) gives 2 results for good and 8 for evil, that is 20% good. Ow!

But check out those links! That's not proper news... Unfortunately, the Digg search gave no results whatsoever in the "World & business" category for these searches, even when searching a whole year, and no useful results in the other categories.

Anyway, it's a bit futile to get a semantically correct view.'s thesaurus entry for the adjective "evil" (Update: sorry, the link is dead) lists "good" among five other antonyms, for a total of six. "Good" (Update: sorry, the link is dead) has a total of 19 antonyms ("Evil" is only listed in the noun definition). So how about we test with "evil" against all the other antonyms, "moral", "righteous", "sinless", "upright", and "virtuous"?

"Evil" versus "moral", "righteous", "sinless", "upright", and "virtuous" in search engines
Site Not evil Evil %Not evil
Google 39,600,000 40,900,000 49% 242 (Update: sorry, the link is dead) 515 32%
Reddit 7 8 47%

In plain words, web pages, and bookmarked ones in particular, look a whole lot worse when looking for the "moral" antonyms of "evil", while news stories look a whole lot better. Who'da thunk? Of course, this method doesn't take into account spam and other #$@%. In any case, this seems to be a rubbish method for gauging public opinion.

No, I don't have a life right now. Thank you, and good night!