At the CERN TS/CSE/QMS and EDS sections we use CAST SQL Builder (Update: sorry, the link is dead) and Benthic Golden / PLEdit for PL/SQL development on our Oracle 9i database, to provide engineers and managers with the necessary tools for follow-up of the planning, construction, installation, maintenance, and, ultimately, deconstruction of the LHC particle accelerator.

The main tools are called EDMS and MTF. They are both web based, and work as a common layer on top of two separate CMMS / EAM systems, Axalant and Datastream 7i (formerly MP5).

I'll be posting stuff on this blog which may be of interest to those using the same products/languages, if nothing else because it allows me to go back and look for the old war stories at a time when database development will finally be as easy as it should be.