• abbreviation

    Wouldn't it be nice if there was a short form for Like or simply Imagine trying to convince the sysadmin that you really need access to

  • HDMI audio output hell

    This is a gigantic PITA. I can't believe some people still think proprietary software has good support for proprietary hardware - Even with a relatively simple setup like this, many hours of searching forums, installing and reinstalling drivers, fiddling with the BIOS and sound settings still hasn't produced any sound.

  • Ultimate unit of time

    Everyone knows Y2K (or else you wouldn't be reading past this parentesis), but there's also Y2K38 (32-bit Unix timestamps run out) and the Y292B277M026K596 problem. Why not get rid of these problems through the power of science?

  • Fix Git repository after Subversion conversion

    After converting a Git repository from Subversion with svn2git, all was well. At least until I wanted to squash some of the oldest commits with the excellent interactive rebase. Full of fail, I realized that I might have to do some cleanup before going on such a bold expedition. Here's a couple tricks for "post-processing" a converted repository.

  • Regarding finger scan as part of IELTS identity verification

    Verbatim email to

  • Mein Kampf at OSL

    No, this is not some tastelessly titled travel story. During a routine book store stop at Oslo Airport Gardermoen, I felt surprised and slightly uncomfortable seeing Mein Kampf for sale. Two paperback copies, side by side, both with that familiar crumpled back caused by heavyhanded customers checking out random pages. But it's the sign of a properly civilized society to trust that people will read such a book knowing its significance, and act accordingly. For me the significance is simply this: Anyone who follows a person or book without question is a dangerous, untrustworthy fool.

  • Delicious data loss

    After many years, it looks like Delicious will never have support for excluding tags from a search, so when I saw that they had added a "Remove Tag" functionality I finally decided to get rid of all the "toread" tags from posts already tagged with "read". This didn't quite turn out as expected:

  • Unexplained line item from Lebara Switzerland

    These line items showed up recently on my Lebara Switzerland account page (Update: sorry, the link is dead):

  • Never Let Me Go

    Never Let Me Go: Cloning is biologically equivalent to having an identical twin. Now can we please find another literary device for some plausible antagonists?

  • I'm severely disappointed in Unity

    Let's count the ways: