• Delicious data loss

    After many years, it looks like Delicious will never have support for excluding tags from a search, so when I saw that they had added a "Remove Tag" functionality I finally decided to get rid of all the "toread" tags from posts already tagged with "read". This didn't quite turn out as expected:

  • Unexplained line item from Lebara Switzerland

    These line items showed up recently on my Lebara Switzerland account page (Update: sorry, the link is dead):

  • Never Let Me Go

    Never Let Me Go: Cloning is biologically equivalent to having an identical twin. Now can we please find another literary device for some plausible antagonists?

  • I'm severely disappointed in Unity

    Let's count the ways:

  • Creating time-lapse videos

    This guide shows you how to create high-definition time-lapse videos from series of still pictures, tailored towards Flickr, and using only free and open source tools available on most operating systems (although I'm not sure about Windows).

  • Facebook won't work with NoScript extension

    Looks like they're doing something retarded when detecting NoScript: Some links (for example, other people's profiles) have an extra ?_fb_noscript=1 at the end, and the page includes a <meta http-equiv=refresh content="0; URL=/people/JohnDoe/12345678?_fb_noscript=1" />, which results in an endless loop of reloading the same page :/

  • Wireless setup of HP printer on Ubuntu

    It's ridiculously simple:

  • Minecraft mine analysis - mian

    The mian wiki is now up! Updates will be put there for your convenience.

  • Stuxnet motives

    Which motives could there be for the Stuxnet virus' behavior? This is more of a list to remember, in case more evidence of the behavior surfaces later. Note that there's no mention of which motives I think are likely - I don't know enough about Stuxnet or the people behind it for that.

  • blog daily backup Blog Export, The Next Generation is now on GitHub! Please go there for any future updates (and more export/backup scripts).