• How to switch keyboard layouts on the Windows XP login screen

    Do you use several keyboard layouts in Windows XP? Ever been annoyed that the layout at the login screen is locked to the installation default? Here's how to fix it, with a simple registry hack.

  • Scientific American sells customers' addresses!

    I dislike paperwork, despise advertising, hate spam, and loathe companies trading addresses without my consent, which is why I'm seriously pissed off after finding a "special" offer piece of snail mail from New Scientist in my mail box this evening.

  • How to be (almost) paperless

    The paperless office has become the poster child of a stagnated IT revolution. I won't say "failed", because there are ways to get rid of almost all your paper, and gain a lot of efficiency at the same time. It works. Virtually the only time I print is when someone requires a written signature.

  • FreeBSD vs Linux - A home user's perspective

    Short version: If you'd like more control over your software (compiled and binaries), try FreeBSD. It's got the latest apps, and is a lot more predictable than Linux.

  • "Defunct hiring process" follow-up

    I got offered (and accepted) the job at the company which called me five minutes after getting home from the "post-rejection" meeting. Cambridge Technology Partners gave a much better deal. The moral of the story: If the risk is all on your side, just say no!

  • Confessions of an ex(?) newbie

    Today Months ago it hit me that I should properly ask forgiveness for my crimes committed against the IT community. I have, in no particular order:

  • Keyboard wishlist

    As a follow-up to the great keyboard rant by Rob Manuel, here are a few suggestions rants to the keyboard manufacturers.

  • Reader's Diggest*: A New Kind of Science, by Stephen Wolfram

    Cellular automata can produce patterns which could some day be useful to most of the sciences.

  • Tesla Roadster vs. SAAB

    Since I first found the website of the Tesla Roadster, the electric supercar has never been far from my thoughts. It's about time I got to making some calculations of just how far this dream is from reality. Don't worry, there are anyways too many confounding factors for this to be really serious.

  • Spam punishment calculation

    When a spammer is caught and convicted, how should you calculate the punishment? Here are a few factors to take into consideration: